Happy Valentines Day Messages & SMS

The Valentine or also known as the day of love is the date that couples celebrate being united by the most beautiful feeling there, love. This day thousands of couples looking to spend pleasant moments of each other’s company. Many couples exchange gifts as a sign that it is a special day in your love relationship . Want to give your partner more than a gift this Valentines Day ? So this is what you’re looking for. We show you a list of wishes for Valentine’s Day. Send these messages to facebook from your partner or SMS of love and express how happy you feel about having your love on this day.

Best Valentines Day 2017 Messages to wish your Loved One On this Feb 14

If my blood off my inkwell ink and heart, with the blood of my veins write I love you.Happy Valentine’s Day! ||

I dreamed the snow was burning, I dreamed that the sun faded and impossible dream I dreamed that you loved me.Happy Valentine’s Day! ||

If loving you was going to the sun, you me and my ashes burn “I love you” in heaven write … Happy Valentine’s Day! ||

The writer is my pen, dictates who is my soul, who writes to you and who loves you, you know how it is called … Happy Valentine’s Day! ||

The moon is lonely when you are near the sun. So feel my life, when you have your love.Happy Valentine’s Day! ||

Grammar know nothing, but the verb if I know: this says I love you and I love the future.Happy Valentine’s Day! ||

If you look at the sky you will see a star, if you look at my eyes you’ll see that I love you.Happy Valentine’s Day! ||

At sea sailing a boat, the boat joy and in the arms of my beloved browse my life.Happy Valentine’s Day! ||

You’re my pretty little thing, my little piece of heaven, thank you for being born, never forget that I love you.Happy Valentine’s Day! ||

In the Pacific Ocean me a pin was lost the day I let you find it wanting.Happy Valentine’s Day! ||

Every night I see you go, but last night did not see you, see if I want you crying slept.Happy Valentine’s Day! ||

Looked at the sky thinking that separated me from you, and I was surprised crying thinking what I thought.Happy Valentine’s Day! ||

Colorful my life, brighten my awakening, I love you more every day and I can not forget.Happy Valentine’s Day! ||

I do not say something nice, I say something honest, my love is infinite and my love is true.Happy Valentine’s Day! ||

When I saw you, I was afraid to meet you, when I met you, I was afraid to love you and now I love you, I’m afraid to lose you.Happy Valentine’s Day! ||

Sometimes I wondered why life is so beautiful. Now I have the answer: because you are in it.Happy Valentine’s Day! ||

You have to know that I love you too, but I do not love you less.Happy Valentine’s Day! ||

I love you because I love you, because I love you want, because I’ve always wanted and never know why.Happy Valentine’s Day! ||

I love you more than my mother, and I feel I am sinning, because she gave me life and you’re taking me.Happy Valentine’s Day! ||

Yes, yes, I’ll say it in English, piano, piano, I tell you in Italian, and how much I love you I tell you in Castilian.Happy Valentine’s Day! ||

Seven times I went to church, I confessed seven times, seven times I told the priest that you fell in love.Happy Valentine’s Day! ||

I love you, not for what they are, but for what I am when I am with you.Happy Valentine’s Day! ||

Messages of love and peace to send Messages to your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend/Husband/Wife

“I would like the Valentine was eternal for every day taking a walk hand, kissing in the park looking at the same stars and talking about how beautiful we met ” ||

“I have many things to tell you, many things to obsequies but only one struck me give you my heart” ||

“I want this day unforgettable for both, want this day we exchange kisses , caresses and words of love, want this day our love touch the sky ” ||

“The only person that exists today is you, my world comes down to you and you can give me happiness, happy Valentine ” ||

“You know how special you are to feel alive, you know I love that you feel is infinite, you are the woman of my life and today I established that everything I say did not think with the mind, it was with the heart, I love you ” ||

“24 hours is very little time to show you how I really feel for you, to be with the time it trickles like water through your fingers, you’re the reason for my happiness, you’re my dream come true, Happy Valentine sweetheart ” ||

“At this Valentine ‘ll let my love for you vanquish my fears, I’ll go home, touches your door and say aloud your name and I’m in love with you, know you love me too and you want to be with my ” ||

“All I Want for this day is to walk beside the sea shore, watching the sea and tell you though is immense my love for you is even more” ||

Hope these messages for Valentine have the perfect words to tell your partner what you feel in this special date.