Valentines Day Week List 2017


First of all we give you the Valentine Week List 2017 as a gift of knowledge for all of you from our editorial staff :

1st Day Valentine Rose Day Tuesday 7th February 2017
2nd Day of Valentine Propose Day Wednesday 8th February 2017
3rd Day of Valentine Chocolate Day Thursday 9th February 2017
4th Day of Valentine Teddy Day Friday 10th February 2017
5th Day of Valentine Promise Day Saturday 11th February 2017
6th Day of Valentine Hug Day Sunday 12th February 2017
7th Day of Valentine Kiss Day Monday 13th February 2017
Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day Tuesday 14th February 2017
9th Day of Valentine Slap Day Wednesday 15th February 2017
10th Day of Valentine Kick Day Thursday 16th February 2017
11th Day of Valentine Perfume Day Friday 17th February 2017
12th Day of Valentine Flirting Day Saturday 18th February 2017
13th Day of Valentine Confession Day Sunday 19th February 2017
14th Day of Valentine Missing Day Monday 20th February 2017
15th Day of Valentine Break Up Day Tuesday 21th February 2017

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