Veterans Day Images 2017: Pictures, Photos, Graphics and Pics

When someone makes so much of sacrifices for the country, it’s our responsibility to pay a unique tribute to them…

…and that’s why we are here with the superb collection of Veterans Day Images, Pictures, Photos and other sources from which you can thank the veterans from the inner core of your heart.

The word veteran is derived from a Latin word “vetus” which means “old.”

So veteran is the person who has served a long term of service or has a long span of experience in a specific field of work or occupation.

It is often used for army persons who have given their life significant time in doing service for their nation.

In many countries such as Britain, Russia, The Congo, have the tradition to pay tribute to these longstanding persons by different ceremonies and awards as a mark of honor to their dedication to their countries.

Veterans Day Images, Pictures, and Photos 2017

You must have heard the saying that “A picture paints thousands of words” and this is why we are posting some awesome Veterans Day Pictures.

These lively created images are specially designed to tribute the veterans of our real-life heroes who have done thankless jobs for the nation and who are consistently doing the same thing for our country.

What is Veterans Day?

It is the day when citizens of the United States honor their military veterans and thank them for their services with sound ceremonies and festive parades.

It is a proud day filled with meaning for everyone who has served.

When is Veterans Day 2017?

Every year US nation pay big respect to the Veterans on November 11.

So this year, Veterans Day will be observed on Day no. 315th, 45th Week, Saturday, 11th November 2017.

History of Veterans Day

Since 1775 around 48 million Americans have served in the armed forces from the battlefields of the American Revolution to the mountains of Afghanistan.

Men and Women have served and sacrificed their lives defending the constitution of the United States.

This day is a continue to honor those who have served by celebrating Veterans Day. Especially for those who went to war for us for a fight of freedom in America, we should respect them.

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, an Armistice was clear between Allied nations and Germany in the first world war on November 11th above the following year.

President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Armistice Day, remembering the heroism and sacrifice of those who served. The first Armistice Day in the US was celebrated on November 11th, 1919 by suspending all business for two minutes starting at 11 AM.

Then, November 11th became a legal federal holiday in the United States in 1938. In the aftermath of World War 2 and the Korean War America also began honoring unknown soldiers.

So, later in 1954 Armistice Day became Veterans Day, A holiday dedicated to American Veterans of all wars.

Now, At 11 am every Veterans Day a color guard ceremony represents all Alliance of the military at the Tomb of the Unknowns located in Arlington National Cemetery.

The history of veterans day is so vast that I could not cover it in this article and some people want to learn more and more about this day which is actually a very good thing.

You can visit the official website of U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for more information about the history of veterans day.

How is Veterans Day Celebrated?

On this day Citizens of United States honor their military veterans and thank them for their service.

The ceremony is dedicated to honor and thank all who served in the United States Armed Forces a.k.a Veterans with sound celebrations and festive parades.

It is a proud day filled with meaning for every veteran.

Veterans Day is celebrated in the United States to honor and thank all the military personnel who have served the nation whether in wartime or peacetime.

As it honors people who have served U.S Armed forces, also known as Veterans hence the name Veterans Day.

Veterans Day Fun Facts

Did you know that:

  • For around seven years veterans day was celebrated in October.
  • In 1968 Congress moved veterans day to the 4th Monday in October so that the Government employees can enjoy the long weekend.
  • In 1975 president Gerald Ford changed veterans day to November 11 due to the historical significance.
For more veterans day fun facts you can visit: HISTORY.COM

Hope you have liked our happy veterans day images, pictures, and wallpapers.

Veterans Day is public/gazetted holiday for many government offices in the USA.

Veterans Day has some various Local Names like in English it’s the same name Veterans Day:

Spanish Día del Veterano de Guerra
Hebrew יום הווטרנים (ארצות הברית)
Arabic يوم المحاربين القدامى
Korean 재향군인의 날

If you are wondering about the holiday on Veterans Day, then let me tell you:

As mentioned before this year Veterans Day will be observed on Saturday, November 11, which is a day off for many workers/students in the USA.

During this event, the Federal Government offices and most businesses are closed so people have a day off work.

School and colleges are not required to close and may decide to remain open or closed.

In other countries besides the USA, Veterans Day falls on the same day as Remembrance Day and Armistice Day in other countries.

It was 1947 when the first national holiday was held to celebrate the Veterans Day. And in 1954, Armistice Day legally got the title of becoming Veterans Day.

These days are primarily for the country lovers who have immense, profound respect for their patriots, are meant a lot and thus are distinguished extensively with full zeal and gusto.

As this is a federal holiday, many government schools, offices and working staffs have a whole day off. In short, Veterans Day celebrates and heartedly tributes the service of all U.S. military veterans. As per the data, there were 9 million veterans who were under the age of 35 and 9.2 million over the age of 65. On 11th November, Britain, France, Australia, and Canada also commemorate the veterans of World Wars I and II.

If you have never seen Veterans Day Parade then you must check out this video:

You can also watch the New York Veterans Day Parade 2017: Live Stream

Veterans Day Images 2017







Veterans Day Pictures 2017







Veterans Day Photos 2017







Wrapping it up

From this platform, you can select the most comprehensive range of Veterans Day Photos to accolade your conquerors.

Besides, we do have the Veterans Day Images as well that come from the freshest selection of some theme based festival.

So, this is ultimately a platform from where you can choose from the multiple options of Veterans Day Pictures, Images, and Photos as per your choices.

You just need to make a selection on your own and send them on your own with your personal touch.

Yup, you should do it now because they deserve it.

You will feel great to be a source of their happiness and glow their faces. Veterans deserve more, but often they don’t get enough of what they deserve so be sure not to lose any chance of cherishing them on this special day.

Happy Veterans Day 2017!

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    My dad served in the army. I love and are proud. His war stories made me cry, every time….

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    Valor is stability, not of legs and arms, but of courage and the soul.” -Michel de Montaigne. salutes you

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    Service is the greatest form of sacrifice. To our troops, thank you. We are forever in your debt.

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    A big thank you to all the men and women here and all around the world putting in work on our behalf.

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    To those who’ve served (including my husband), thank you. Without you, we wouldn’t have our freedom.

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    Please honor those who have served, and let us never forget those serving today.

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    So many good war movies on VD-14 and happy Veterans Day to my pops! Thanks for serving dad you are the best

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    Really liked you veterans day images and pictures.

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    Each and every citizen of US should greet all Dynamic and Interpid Veterans a “HAPPY VETERANS DAY”.

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